Taber Station

For more information about the Taber station, please contact Dana Maxwell. Contact Dana


Minto Head Office: (204) 776-2087


Ag-Quest established a station in Lethbridge in 1997, and moved to its current location near Taber in 2003. It is located on 65 hectares of silty clay loam in the brown soil zone. Additional off-station work is conducted near Lethbridge and Coutts. Other locations are available by request. Irrigation is available for all trials conducted at the Taber station with lateral wheel moves or handlines

Typical commercial crops in the area include small grains (wheat (spring and winter), durum, oats and barley), seed and commercial canola, sugar beets, potatoes, sweet corn, processing peas, dry beans, lentils, chickpeas, flax, safflower, onions, forages (alfalfa and timothy) and other specialty crops, including coriander, mint, dill and other herb/spice crops. Other crops can be grown for experimental purposes.

Specialized Facilities at Taber:

Irrigation – irrigation is available for all trials conducted at the Taber station. Please specify your irrigation needs with the Project Coordinator when discussing your trial needs.

Taber Station Details:

  • Silty clay loam
  • Brown Soil zone
  • Soil pH is 7.0, Organic Matter is 3%
  • PMRA zones 7, 7A and 14
  • Average of >125 frost-free days
  • CHU ranges from 2200 to <2400
  • Irrigated