Saskatoon Station

Station manager: Paul Happ

Paul has been a Research Associate with Ag-Quest since 1995. For more information on the Saskatoon station, please contact Paul at (306) 384-1117 or .


Phone: (306) 384-1117
Fax: (306) 384-9005


The Saskatoon station was established in 1993, and is situated on 65 ha of clay loam soil in the dark brown soil zone, with long term arrangements for additional nearby land. Teams at the station routinely access nearby land in the black and brown soil zones at Hague, Vanscoy and Pike Lake. Additional off-station locations are available on special request. Limited scale irrigation is available at Saskatoon.

Typical commercial crops in the Saskatoon area include small grains (spring wheat, winter wheat, barley, oats), oilseeds (canola, flax), pulse crops (peas). Near Saskatoon, chickpeas, lentils, mustard, herbs and other specialty crops are also produced. Other crops can be grown for experimental purposes.

Saskatoon Station Details:

  • Clay Loam soil
  • Dark brown soil zone
  • Soil pH of 7.5, organic matter of 3.5%
  • PMRA zones 7 and 14
  • Average of 117 frost-free days
  • 2000-2100 CHU (Average)