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Ag-Quest offers confidential, contract agricultural research services across Western Canada. Our services can be categorized into three primary service groups:

  1. Efficacy
  2. Variety, Plant Breeding & Confined Field Trials
  3. Environmental Fate

Each service group is led by an experienced Project Coordinator who ensures the work is conducted to the best quality possible. Our Project Coordinators will work with you to customize our services and build research protocols to meet your needs.

Ag-Quest also offers the following services to meet your needs:

  1. Agronomic research
  2. Herbicide resistance testing (samples must be received by January 31 to guarantee testing before spring)
  3. GLP-compliant freezer truck service from Western Canada to Ontario each fall
  4. Drone-based aerial photography of research trials

All of Ag-Quest's services, quotations and communications are strictly confidential.

Herbicide resistant weeds – seed assays

Samples must be received by Jan 31 for guaranteed results by spring.

» Download our assay brochure for sampling instructions, assay details and prices.

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