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At Ag-Quest, we have a dedicated team of research professionals, with extensive experience in agricultural research. For quotes or more information on our capabilities, please contact Robert Doell, our General Manager, or any of our Project Coordinators.

Dana (Rourke) Maxwell, P.Ag. M.Sc. B.Sc.(Ag.) – President & CEO, Test Facility Management, and Project Coordinator for Variety Services, Plant Breeding Services and Confined Field Trial Services.

Dana started with Ag-Quest in 2009. She previously worked for Dow AgroSciences as a Field Research Agronomist, conducting canola variety trials in Alberta. She has completed her Masters of Science studying cardiac developmental biology. Dana has extensive background in plant breeding, with a Bachelors in Agriculture, focusing on Plant Genetics, molecular biology and variety testing field trials. Dana provides leadership to all research team members conducting variety adaptation and screening trials, plant breeding work and confined field trials.

(204) 776-5561
Robert Doell, M.Sc. B.Sc.(Ag.) – General Manager & Efficacy Project Coordinator

Robert first joined Ag-Quest in 1985 as a Research Associate, conducting agronomy and pesticide efficacy trials until becoming the Project Coordinator in 1997. Robert has extensive experience in research, analysis and writing, and directs and supports all Ag-Quest staff in their research activities, with special emphasis in efficacy trials.

(204) 776-5554
Don Martens, B.Sc.(Ag.) – Test Site Management and Project Coordinator for Environmental Fate

Don joined Ag-Quest in 1998 as a Principal Investigator, after 4 years with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, assuming his current role as Project Coordinator for Environmental Fate in 2003. Don is familiar with many types of electronic notebook programs. Don coordinates all OECD and EPA GLP-compliant trial work and provides guidance to all research team members conducting GLP-compliant environmental fate trials.

(204) 736-9275

Minto Station

Phone: (204) 776-2087
Fax: (204) 776-2250
Mailing Address:
Box 144
Minto, MB   R0K 1M0
Courier Address:
210 South Railway Street
Minto, MB    R0K 1M0

Angela DeKoninck, Ag Dipl
Station Manager, Principal Investigator Environmental Fate
Shelly Rudski, MSc
Principal Investigator Environmental Fate
Haisheng Xie, PhD
Senior Research Associate Efficacy
Diane Logeot, B.Sc.(Ag.)
Research Associate Efficacy
Ashley Robertson, Ag Dipl
Research Associate Variety
Matthew Yau, PhD
Research Associate Variety
James Heaman, B.A.
Research Associate Variety, Efficacy


Elm Creek Station

Phone: (204) 436-3080
Fax: (204) 436-3082
Mailing Address:
Box 193
Elm Creek, MB  R0G 0N0
Courier Address:
c/o Elm Creek Co-op
43 Church Avenue
Elm Creek, MB    R0G 0N0

David Pankhurst, B.Sc.
Station Manager
Research Associate
Variety, Efficacy
Mike Wall, B.Sc.(Ag.)
Research Associate Efficacy
Melissa Fuchs, B.Sc.
Principal Investigator Environmental Fate, Efficacy
Esther Fehr, Dipl. Ag.
Research Associate Variety and Efficacy


Saskatoon Station

Phone: (306) 384-1117
Fax: (306) 384-9005
Mailing Address:
Group Site 204
Box 8, R.R#2
Saskatoon, SK   S7K 3J5
Courier Address:
Highway 14
Saskatoon, SK    S7K 3J5

Paul Happ, B.Sc.(Ag.)
Station Manager
Research Associate
Sonya Fieldmeier, B.Sc.(Ag.)
Principal Investigator Environmental Fate, Efficacy
Romy Poisson, BSc
Research Associate Variety and Efficacy
Ted Nodge, BSA (Env Sci))
Research Associate Variety, Efficacy
Michelle Tunnicliffe, Dipl. Ag
Principal Investigator Environmental Fate
Megan Krone, B.Sc. (Ag.)
Research Associate Efficacy
Kaitlan Patterson, Dipl. Ag
Principal Investigator GLP


Taber Station

Phone: (403) 223-4626
Fax: (403) 223-4483
Mailing Address:
Box 4833
Taber, AB  T1G 2E1
Courier Address:
5809 54th Avenue
Taber, AB  T1G 1X4

Lisa Stinn, BSc (Bio Sci)
Principal Investigator Environmental Fate
Habibullah Bahar, PhD, MSc (Ag), BSc (Ag) and A.Ag.
Research Associate Variety
Javad Khalghani, MSc
Research Associate Efficacy